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Tartu Art House

Remnants, encapsulates the concept of bridging different realms, whether at the intersection of the real and spiritual dimensions or connecting to a future plane. Männa's installation resembles an archaeological site, inviting visitors to explore the remnants and intricacies of ancient ruins from various perspectives. The grotesques blur the line between good and evil, presenting an 'upside-down world' where distinctions among animals, humans, and their roles become indistinct. These stone figures are often interpreted as stone demons protecting sacred places from lurking 'evil forces.' Alternatively, some view them as embodying souls condemned to hell—spared from eternal damnation but destined to guard the facade rather than entering the sacred place.

Mari M2nna_Remnants_001 jpg.jpg
Mari M2nna_Remnants_003.jpg
Mari M2nna_Remnants_004.jpg
Mari M2nna_Remnants_002.jpg
Mari M2nna_Remnants_005.jpg
Mari M2nna_Remnants_006.jpg
Mari M2nna_Remnants_008.jpg
Mari M2nna_Remnants-10.jpg
Mari M2nna_Remnants-11.jpg
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