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Collaboration 2018, curated by Annika Ürpus

In collaboration with EKA masters we created a show - an audiosensory walk through the Kanuti Gild's builing. I was making a photography action: I was taking photos of visitors and live projecting the images to the big screen in the last room.
Susan Sontag has written about photography as an agressive act. How is a photograph reflecting the actual situation - does it show, what people are actually experiencing in this space and situation? In the participatory artwork, visitor experiences being in different spaces. Space, where the visitor is physically, space where the visitor thinks to be, and a proof of a space the visitor actually was. 


A photograph is not always a legit proof that something really happened. Photography can be constructing the reality, rather than recording. 


As a grand finale, the visitors, would reach to a big black box hall to see a photo-projection of themselves. 

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